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The town is called Levanto a great place to learn to surf I encourage people who want to learn to surf to try the local surfschool located in central levanto via garibaldi 125 levanto

Part of the Italian Riviera, Levanto is the first beach city north of the famous Cinque Terre the five towns connected only by train or hiking trails, each with charming,compact village centers with rich-colored houses impossibly terraced in the steep cliffs .

Many people don't realize that there are legitimate surfing waves in Italy.Levanto technically faces the the Ligurian Sea and Italy has the largest "fetch" in the mediterranean,meaning waves travel the farthest in Italy than any other country in southern Europe and northen Africa. Professional surfing has also been in Levanto such as the WSL Longboard World championship and the Ripcurl Grom search and countless others have got their feet wet in the beautiful city of Levanto.

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Surflevanto a local shop in levanto the idea started from surfing photos taken by local photographer all items sold inside shop originated from a photo taken in levanto over the past 15 years .here at surflevanto we believe everything can be upcycled in some way from wood collected from beach to items thrown away by others...

surfchool,surfcamp,surf rentals,hoodies,tshirts,bikes,tours. We are here to help you pass by and say hello!

A kind gesture goes a long, we will help you in anyway possible here at surflevanto if you have questions we will try to help..come and see us

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located in city center of levanto five minutes from train station and seaside

Address: 125 via Garibaldi , Italy
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